Please take time to read our rules and cadet process before applying.


1- Respect is our rule number one. Respect any pilots, from this squadron or any other from the virtual community. Any behaviour of racism, prejudice, homophobia, xenophobia or any other kind of discrimination will be considered as a major fault and it will end up in the member being expelled from the squadron;

2- Sharing any copyrighted material is prohibited. Any military manual or document shall not be shared or requested to a member of the staff. Our squadron keeps the right of not allowing piracy, and documents can only be shared with a legal permission from the content’s owner.

3- Our squadron focus on combat simulation in DCS World simulator. Any kind of spam, ads or marketing is prohibited. There are specialized websites for this kind of content. Debates involving politics, religion, football, are not allowed as well. This is not the place for these discussions.

4- Cursing, sharing explicit content (death, gore videos) and pornography is not allowed. This group is built up on the friendship between the squad members aiming air combat simulation.

5- Every member must only have one account registered in our website. That means: duplicate accounts are forbidden. Any member caught registered to more than one account might be expelled from the group.

6- All the information regarding VFA-83’s website is protected and shall not be shared in any hypotheses with sellers and other websites. All the materials, such as manuals, skins, logos, etc, created by VFA-83 are for exclusive use with the squadron. Do not use any material without the permission of our admins.

7- We do not accept members from other squadrons that simulate any kind of military operations in DCS World or Falcon BMS. If we verify that one of our members also flies in any other squadron, that member shall be excluded from VFA-83.

8- We expect that all the pilots will be able to read all the manuals and standard procedures of our squadron. In addition, all pilots must be familiar of the techniques and tactics that might be taught during the training phase, so practice and master all of those. The pilot who does not apply oneself to our trainings will be warned and may be disqualified.

9- Our members are authorized to fly with other squadrons, once those fulfil our requirements and do not break the rules of our squadron. Please ask our staff about the rules for flying with other squadrons.

10- The usage of Discord, Team Speak and other communications software used by the squadron are subject to our rules. Thus, use them at their best, but always be aware of our rules.

11- Avoid chatting while flying with the squadron, keeping the conversation strictly to what had been briefed and using standard communication.

12- Members must log at least one flight every 30 days. If a pilot is not able to fly within this timeframe, this needs to be communicated to our staff to justify the absence. Members with more than 90 days without flying and without a justification will be excluded from the squadron.

13- Only flights flown with another member of the squadron may be logged in our system. Lone wolf flights might be to a maximum of 3 per month, and only if those are training missions or online missions in our dedicated server and the pilot is ranked above ENS and complete the basic training course. Offline flights shall not be logged in our system. The squadron trusts in the information given by our pilots, but if fraud is detected, the pilot will be punished for his actions.

14- These rules might be altered. The staff keeps the right of changing, modifying, exclude or add any rules without prior communication.


Minimum requirements:

- Be over 18 years old;
- Speak English (intermediate level);
- Know how to fly the F/A-18C Hornet and have full knowledge of its systems (We do not teach how to operate the Hornet, but teach our squadron standards procedures in combat);
- Be able to participate at least twice a week in training as a cadet (the cadet has up to 3 months to complete the initial course training program after the LAO flight, otherwise he will be disqualified);
- Have the Caucasian and Persian Golf maps, our main operations maps as well as the SuperCarrier;
- Have joystick (preferably HOTAS), Track Ir and system capable of running DCS World without major problems;
- Our scheduled training flight is Tuesday nights 19:00 BRS (22:00 UTC) and our Squadron Combat Missions at Thursday nights 19:00 BRS (22:00 UTC)! Pay attention if you can comply with this!

Accepting our rules, the candidate for cadet of the squadron must send his recruitment form for the staff to evaluate the registration.
The selected candidates will be informed via email so that they can fly the Local Area Orientation (LAO) flight with their instructor pilot on the date informed in the email.
This flight will be evaluated if the student meets the basic requirements to join the squad.
Being considered fit and selected for the squadron training course, the pilot will be informed via email of his selection.

PS: We don't guarantee any driver's slot. Sending the form does not guarantee a place in the squad. VFA-83 reserves the right to accept or not accept any member, without prior notice or justification.